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Title/Description AuthorDate

Implementing an Event Framework
Demonstrates how to implement a distributed (loosely-coupled) COM-based event system infrastructure
Binh Ly2001-04-07
Implementing a Plug-in Framework
Demonstrates how to implement a simple COM-based plug-in framework
Binh Ly2001-04-07

Since COM is such a huge beast, it tremendously helps to start with a few basic and easy to understand concepts
Binh Ly2001-04-07
Implementation defines how interfaces actually come to life as concrete objects and servers
Binh Ly2001-04-07

Introduction to Automation
A small introduction to automation
Deborah PATE2001-04-07
Delphi 5's server components
An introduction to delphi 5's server components
Deborah PATE2001-04-07

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