IdeaSpring v1.3.EAP4

Early Access Program

This version of IdeaSpring is a developpement one that can be unstable. It let you try next features of the stable version.

Download it using the link below and copy ideaspring.key file in your Intellij Idea's config directory.

IdeaSpring v1.3-EAP3a (idea 5.x) (idea 6.0)

Registered users of v1.2 MUST COPY the include license file.

Bug Fixes

New Features

  • Hyperlinks instead of context menu to navigate from the browser
  • Completion for 'classpath:' values
  • In Go To Symbol dialog you should use '/s' prefix to list only beans
  • Added formatting for 'Bean to Xml Xontext' (Generate menu)
  • Added springframework full jar and aspectj jars at the urging of Rob Harrop