IdeaSpring v1.2.8


IdeaSpring is the only Intellij Idea' plugin which help you develop with pleasure with the SpringFramework. It allows you to use all Idea's industry-leading capabilities with your prefered framework :

And more with the bean browser.

Althought it is powerful, IdeaSpring is really easy to install, and configure.



One of the biggest strenght of this plugin is l'auto-completion for beans reference attributes, methode or une property attribute (local, bean, parent, depends-on, ...)


Navigation use Idea's principles for navigation in java source code :

  • Go to declaration for beans, methods or properties
  • Got to implementation for beans, methods or properties


Few refactorings are powered by IdeaSpring :

  • Convert a named bean into an anonymous one.
  • Convert an anonymous bean into a named one
  • Move a bean
  • Rename a bean or an alias
If you rename a method (by usign rename refactoring) in a java class then the corresponding property will be also renamed.


This intention converts value and ref elements from shortcut form to full form if the referenced bean is local.


This inspection highlights unknown beans.

This inspection reports bean which are not compatible whith an attribute.

This inspection reports abstract classes or interfaces used in the class attribute.

This inspection reports value or ref elements using full form instead of shortcut form.

This inspection reports methods which are incompatible with an attribut (for example init-method with more than one parameter).

This inspection reports an unknown bean's property.

This inspection reports beans that do not have a constructor with this number of parameters.


The browser help you to visualize and navigate easily in your configuration files.

Getting started


In order to use this plugin you must have at least Intellij Idea v1.5.0.2.

To install it :

  1. you can use the plugin manager or unzip in your plugins directory (IDEA_PLUGINS_PATH)
  2. Copy the licence file 'ideaspring.key' Idea's config directory (same one as Idea's licence file)


To declare your config files, you must go to the settings panel (Ctrl+Alt+s), and click on IdeaSpring.

You must create at least one config set and add in your config files.